Coaches need not be experts of any specific field of work in order to coach, so why do we need a niche?

Niche helps You to Focus

Just to give you a perspective, just ask one question to yourself: do you like all sports? or do you have a preference?

I guess you have your own preferences, right! Let us assume you love cricket, you will be able to talk about it much more passionately compared to let us say, football. Even if you do not play either game, when you talk to people about these games they can see your passion about cricket and the lack of it for football. They would avoid talking to you about football because they do not really have fun talking to you about it.

Coaching is a field of work where you need to effect changes in others, by motivating them and influencing them, making them take the right actions. You cannot motivate someone else if you are yourself not passionate about it.

A Niche is not optional, if you want to succeed as a Coach, it is a must, a necessity. But sometimes it is really difficult to find it on your own.

I have gone through this process and discovered and developed my Niche. I can help you to find yours. And not just find your Niche, but also help you develop that into a practice.

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