Over the years, I have been sharing various concepts and tips through my blogs and my contributions to various websites and magazines. The following is the list of Books that I have published / contributed to.

Get Your Next Promotion was published in Aug, 2020. This book helps you to be ready for the next level.

“Are You The Leader You Want To Be?” was published in Jan, 2018. This books helps you to become more HUMAN Leader. You can leverage the entire teams potential to propel yourself forwards.

I was a contributing author for “The Power of Professional Coaching”. One of my experiences with a client, as he embarked on a transformation journey, is featured in this book.

The e-book titled, “Self-Awareness for Leaders” is available for download from my website. This short book will help you understand the importance of being self-aware and will provide you with the tips to begin your own journey to be a self aware leader.