Growing Vertically or Horizontally?

Mostly the notion of growth that we have is Vertical and we have a word for it too, “Promotion”. I am here to make you consider growth that may not be a clear “Promotion”.

I Am An Entrepreneur. I Have Employed My Friend….

“I Am An Entrepreneur. I Have Employed My Friend Thinking He Will Be A Good Support. However, It Turned Out That We Have Different Ideas And Working Style. How Do I End The Relationship Smoothly Without Hurting The Relationship?“ Click here to read my answer to this question on the #Notsoprofessional column of the Business […]

Stressed At Work?

” In today’s fast paced environment, all of us end up facing multiple challenging situations and end up experiencing stress in one form or the other. It is quite often that my clients share with me that they feel stress at work. There are quite a few shocking statistics available that highlight the rising instances […]