Manbir Kaur – Helping Leaders, Teams & Organizations

I cocreate customized engagements for you and your teams

Let us work together to create engagements that produce results! 

For you and for your teams!

I believe success is no accident. It is about choices you make and the actions you take. It is about being self-aware and being deliberate. It is about creating right conversations and dialogues. It is about challenging yourself and getting out the comfort-zone pushing the boundaries. It is about inner transformations and professional evolution. It is also about being persistent. As we work together, we will create the right environment for you and your teams to flourish and excel. Let us start the journey now!

Coaching Services

Here is the bouquet of coaching services that I have curated over years to effectively help professionals for specific scenarios. Please choose the one appropriate for you to learn more about it.

Executive Coaching​

High impact coaching designed to help high performing leaders, get desired results, sustainably

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Conversational Intelligence

Create ‘we-centric’ conversations that help build lasting trust

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Coaching for High Potentials

Build a fast-growing career for high potentials and help organizations build leadership pipeline

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Human Leadership

Build value-creating teams from a group of individual professionals

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Positive Intelligence

Bring the growth mindset to forefront and help you achieve the desired results

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Team Coaching​

Build an agile team by channelising your team’s strengths and the will to excel

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For Coaches

Apart from ICF Mentor Coaching, I help coaches to design a niche & write their own book

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It is all about taking the next action!​