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Success For
You and Your Team

Let's make it happen !

Success For
You and Your Team

Let's make it happen !

Hello! I am Manbir Kaur, an Executive & Leadership Coach, Team Coach, an author and a speaker.

My decade long coaching practice has been built on 15 years of experience as a corporate professional. I help professionals achieve their potential by aligning their and organization’s aspirations to actions. I believe in human to human connections and human conversations. I have been trained by the best and make sure that my clients get the best too.

You have been successful – but you want more for yourself, your team and your organization.

 You know that you have the potential but somehow you are not getting the right chances and you believe that you are missing great opportunities to make an impact.

Sometimes you feel you could achieve wonders if your team was really with you. There seems to be a gap. If only you had unshakeable mutual ‘Trust’

And you do not want to leave any stone unturned! You wonder if you need to transform to achieve what you want!

Believe Me, Many Executives feel that way

Often my client’s journeys with me begin with the stories like:

“I am really good at what I do and always achieve the results. It is tough work though. I wish my team was more driven.”
“There is too much on my plate, and I feel overwhelmed. I wish I could manage time and priorities better….”
“I know I have to develop my leadership skills, but not sure where to begin and how much time I can spend on this..”
“It feels good when people talk about being a human and empathetic leader but is it actually practical to do it…”

If you resonate with any of the above, you are one of those executives, who have started their journey to the next level of success and know that you may need some help. I can say with surety that you are building on one strength – self-awareness – which is a pre-requisite for leadership success.

One common attribute my clients carry is a desire or will to make an impact. They might feel lost when we start, but when we work together, they generate the necessary shift to achieve the results with their will to make a difference to their lives, and the lives of all those around. I see the shift in their mindset and actions and conversations. The new conversations will be like :

 “I feel my team is with me.  Now we are a high performing team. We are consistently creating value…”

“My priorities are quite clear, so I don’t feel overwhelmed. If in case I get into the trap again, I know what I need to do to get back in rhythm…”

“I don’t procrastinate on my growth now. Growth mindset helps me keep moving forward…”

“Human Leadership has become my way of being. I love the way I have human and trusting conversations. With all the trust I have built, I can get much more done with lesser effort…”

Transformation starts with a simple insight and then putting that insight into an action. You can also begin your journey, tap into your superpowers, and make the success happen. It starts from you!

Are you ready to unleash your Potential?

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After eight months of coaching with Manbir, my attitude about self, my career has shifted greatly. I have started seeing things differently. She has helped me discover my blind spots and triggers. I take actions that maximize my results. I have been able to create many new opportunities for my organization.
James Colbert, Strategic Partnerships - California Startup

Ready for your success?

Now that you are ready to invest in yourself, you will need access to practical, no-fluff, result-oriented guidance to take the next step towards your goals. Put these nuggets into action. Let me know what works and what doesn’t work for you. Keep the conversation going!