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Happy at work – Are You?

1. Plan and Organize. You need to understand why you are here? Make commitments that you can keep.

2. Set your own goals. It is important for anybody to set their own goals which off course will be aligned to your organizations goals in an ideal situation.

3. Ask for feedback. Practice on your skills and improve them with regular feedback not only from people above you, but from peers as well as colleagues below you.

4. Make friends. There are many people at your workplace who are just like you or share interests like you. Talk to them, spend time with them. Have small breaks and share that time with them.

5. Love yourself. You need to become a person, whom you think you will like to be with. Understand yourself and keep working towards it and you will see the difference in the people around you.

6. Appreciate and recognize others. Many people appreciate their seniors, but sometimes it’s more of buttering. Rather, one can acknowledge and recognize peers. This will build a positive atmosphere around you.

7. Pick up a hobby. Everyone needs a hobby or some special activity that they love to do. It can be as simple as listening to music.

8. Every day is different. Go to your work station with a new thought and new plans every day. Each day is different from another, so start each day afresh. Problems that were difficult to overcome yesterday can be fought with a fresh mind and new planning, today.

9. Live your life. Recognize your life outside your professional world also. Don’t let tensions from work enter your personal space. Not doing so will bring only emotional stress.

10. Choose happiness. This is last but the most important thing. It is you who have to decide, what kind of life you want to lead. Just think and look for small things that make you happy at work. These small things will add up and will keep you happy.

Our work place is where we spend 8-10 hours of our day daily. It is important that we spend those hours living our life not dragging it. So stay happy, and enjoy every hour of your life as if it is the last one!

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