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‘Pause’ – a moment of Silence in a coaching conversation.  

When I was under-going my coach training, one of the lectures, we had was about ‘Pause’. I never thought then that it is going to be a big thing to discuss and deliberate so intensely.

Now after a few years working in coaching, I feel “Pause” is the moment.

It is Not really the “Nothing” moment

Yes, you heard it right, I don’t define it as “Nothing” moment. A lot happens in that moment.

Claude Debussy, the famous French composer, said, “Music is the silence between the notes.” And it is so applicable to world of coaching. In a conversation, where a coach is helping coachee to be more aware of her situation, tapping into her own wisdom for solutions -a lot is going on in her mind. A Pause at the right time can really help discover her more.

I find this moment very powerful and important for the coaching conversations….

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