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In a beautiful parallel from the “Creative World”, John Maeda from MIT Media Lab says the following in an article at Brainpickings-

“When you make things with your hands, you force something into being. You sand it, you cut it, you fold it… You do everything to build it from end to end. Whereas leading requires a lot of talking, a lot of communicating — not using your hands. And when you’re a creative who makes things, you immediately build a distinction between the talkers and the makers. And makers tend to look down on talkers. And leaders are talkers. You don’t trust them, but now you’re one of them. [laughs] At first you think you can’t make anything with your hands anymore. But you can. You make relationships. One at a time. With the same painstaking attention to craft that you knew as a maker.”

The full article is available here.

“HUMAN” framework in our book “Are You The Leader You Want To Be?” gives technology leaders the right tools to become successful when they become leaders and they are required to build relationships with their teams and get things done through others. While they may have the itch to do things themselves or feel less empowered when they feel they cannot do things on their own!

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