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Vinay, a CEO for a technology organization, initiated a leadership development program and asked the HR head, Namit, to carefully plan the program and subsequently share the effectiveness of the same. Based on the various considerations, Namit implemented a long-term intervention. He believed that the senior leadership team, would not really benefit from a single standard program, but needed a blended approach where they can set their own unique development goals. He also set into place a process to measure effectiveness and created baselines for various business metrics.

He was happy to report that the program had helped improve the bottom line of the company. He was able to find a strong correlation between the bottom line and effectiveness of the Leadership program as he was clearly able to establish that the Leadership Program: –

Significantly boosted Employee Engagement in their high-tech world –In Vinay’s world of technology, where the speed of change is quite fast, the leadership program really enhanced the employee engagement.
Instilled more accountability – As leaders set their own goals, priorities and consistently worked on them, they became more accountable for their own development.
Helped create a feedback-friendly culture – Leadership program ensured that leaders accept feedback and learn to provide feedback in the right way and with the right mindset.
Enhanced corporate culture- Leadership development program enhanced the organization culture. It helped leaders to reflect on the company’s vision, mission, values and actually live them at the same time, easily aligning with the strategic goals.
Was the ideal tool for high performers – As the high performers got a right development tool, they performed better and aligned their efforts better with the organization’s success.
Once the leaders enhanced their ability to engage with employees and the culture improved, the results manifested in multiple fronts such as cost reduction & increased productivity etc.

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