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If you are keen on securing a promotion, being deemed as trustworthy within your organization should be one of your utmost priorities. Building trust with both your leaders and those whom you manage within your team is what will win you long-term influence. Here are three key ways to know if you’re trust-worthy enough to bag your next promotion –

1) Does Your Boss Turn To You For Expert Advice?

One solid way to build trust within your workplace is to make sure you fine-tune your skills, know how to trouble-shoot effectively and arm yourself with relevant knowledge. If your boss and leaders above you turn to you for professional advice surrounding strategy, planning and other projects, that means they trust your opinion. If your boss consistently turns to you to lead the team to victory, this is a great sign! Keep demonstrating strong skill sets, task-knowledge and industry expertise – this will automatically help you exude confidence, and confidence gives way to trust.

2) Do Others Find It Easy To Confide in You?

Let us assume that you are an expert and are very resourceful, and that you can help resolve issues. There is still one more thing that will make you stand out as a trustworthy leader. That is the capability to make others feel safe with you. If others come to you with their problems, genuinely believing that you will not take advantage of their weakness and will not expose them but will help them in the best possible way, either by providing good advice or by helping them secure the right resources. If others feel safe with you and feel that you are genuinely interested in their success and will not take that away from them, you will soon be recognized as a leader in the organization.

3) Do Others Feel Empowered By You?

A trustworthy leader cares about their team’s well-being – they acknowledge, encourage and praise team members, motivating them to perform better and better. They equip their team members with resources to excel at their job rather than micro-managing. They know how to bring out the best in everyone. Do you want others to succeed? You should, because trust breeds trust. Empower others because a trustworthy leader focusses on creating other leaders – they are humble, secure and unafraid of others stealing the spotlight from them!

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