Tuning into Conversational Essentials for ‘New Normal’

Judith Glaser (Organizational Anthropologist and the pioneer of the work about Conversational Intelligence® ) says, “Words create Worlds”. The right words help us to have right conversations and establish the human to human bond. This connection facilitates leaders in aligning people/teams to a common vision and result in transforming businesses. According to a research done by Stanford […]

Conversation about Conversations

Listen to this Podcast to know more about – What conversational Intelligence is and the science behind it How can remote workers use conversational intelligence to have better connections in their teams. Why there needs to be more humanness in the way we communicate How to address the diversity in the working conditions. How to […]

Want Stronger Relationships at Work? Change the Way You Listen.

A lot happens in the brain during conversations. The late Judith Glaser, the author of Conversational Intelligence, tells us that our brain takes just 0.07 seconds in a conversation to form an initial impression of the other person’s intent: whether we are going to trust the person or not. Our response further is influenced by that […]

Conversations That Matter!

“Trust me, you want more oxytocin, as it is the one that makes people feel safe and open to ideas. With oxytocin, we have a good chance to have fruitful conversations…..” Read the full article by clicking here.