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Today’s business landscape is becoming increasingly complex as consumers continue to become spoiled for choices, stakeholders want increasing profits and staff is spread too thin amongst multiple roles. With leaders and teams feeling equally stretched in multiple directions, professional development often takes a backseat, either due to lack of time or lack of resources. However, investing in a coach for your organization is an important ingredient to improved productivity and increased ROI. The right coach will help you and your team achieve your objectives. Some of the sought-after goals are as below –

  • Goal Setting and Prioritization
  • Building strategic plans / Setting Strategic Direction
  • Channeling team strength in the right direction
  • Maximizing performance / Increasing profitability 
  • Creativity and New insights
  • Fine-tuning leadership skills Etc.

A professional coach helps you to achieve your own potential as well that of your teams. But not every coach is qualified to help you in all areas. So, how do you pick the right coach? Here are 3 vital tips – 

1) Research – Spend some time reading up regarding what coaching really entails and how the entire process is structured. The more clarity you have regarding the functionality and structure of coaching, the more well-equipped you’ll be to select the right person.

2) Set Goals – Identify goals you want to set in order of priority and keep overall deadlines in mind, too. Do you want to boost your team’s morale? Or, do you want to maximize your own potential as a leader? Does the entire team need to be better at interpersonal relationships, or is it just one particular leader that needs a bit of a push? It will help you identify a coach with the right strength(s) – in some instances, you may need different coaches for different areas, depending on their area of experience and their own niche. 

3) Communicate & Cross-Check – Jot down questions for the coaches before interviewing them. Don’t shy away from having a frank discussion with them so it is easier to evaluate if they fit the bill. Start by asking coaches you meet about their methodology, experience. Also, ask them if they have a track record in the precise areas you seek help in and also cross-check their training, client history and professional membership as well as any accolades under their belt and if they’ve authored any articles/books about important subject-areas. It is also a good idea to ask for a chemistry session before sealing the deal and to double check the fine print regarding pricing and availability. The more time you devote to getting on the same page from the start, the smoother your journey will be in the long run! 

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