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Create a win-win situation for all

Empathy, trust and understanding are essential attributes that underscore a mutually fulfilling conversation leading to meaningful engagements and positive outcomes. Read the full article at:

Do You have a “Micro” -Manager?

A tough manager may not necessarily be a micromanager. A manager who pushes you to do more may also not be one. A workaholic manager may not be the micromanager you suspect him/her to be, writes Manbir Kaur, as she hands out tips on how. Read the full article at

Delegation for Tech Leaders In ‘New Normal’ Times

When social distancing norms forced organizations to start working from home, the world changed overnight. The transition was the toughest for the people who are used to working out of office on a regular basis, with their teams within their sight. Leaders in technology organizations work on tight time schedules and manage the dynamic changes […]

Employee Engagement – Do not Wait for anyone else, Take Charge!

Would you like to have a team that outshines the rest even when the circumstances are not the best? Read on if that is what is on your mind! COVID-19 and the resulting social distancing is impacting how we work with our teams. Team performance may get adversely impacted too. Though a few good managers […]

Leading Amidst Challenging Times

Fighting own fears and anxieties to keep your employees motivated is the sign of a true leader Let me start by asking you one question. What is the speed at which you drive your car? Now tell me if you can drive at the same speed if there is dense fog? Now consider that another […]

Shift in Conversations: Coping with changes due to Covid19

Covid19 is an unfortunate reality that we all are dealing with. It has taken away from us, the ease of working together in a shared workspace. Gone are the casual coffee conversations and simple acts of enjoying each other’s company while working and brainstorming together on solving business problems. Some of my clients are constantly […]

Leadership Trends for 2020

Organizational success in 2020 will hinge upon leadership agility which will manifest across multiple aspects. Welcome to 2020, the beginning of a new decade. A lot will change in this decade. You can mark my words that many mighty logos will disappear within the next ten years while failing to deal with the rapid pace […]

Power of Conflict

Is conflict good or bad? May not be always bad. In some of the cases, it may be one of the tools for the leaders in the organization. Why conflict is important? Most of the organizations are “Matrix” based, with different functions working on specific areas. There are many reasons for conflict within an organization, […]

Why every manager should be a learning & development person?

Do you still do things in the same way you did last year? Or Do you even do same things? I guess not! Definitely not, if you are to keep pace with the rate of change. Who would have thought of cloud a few years back? Collaboration tools, such as Microsoft teams, One Drive,, […]

Internal Coaching: When it works and when it doesn’t ?

Many organizations have started realizing the value of Coaching and they use it for various purposes such as: Leadership Development Team Development Improving Collaboration Conflict Resolution etc. Many of the organizations have also invested in training internal people to become coaches. There are a few formats that are used: Managers as Coaches: This is typically […]