What not to expect from your ‘Coach’​

Well, a coach will help you do many things and achieve many milestones, and all the wins will be your own. You will be the hero of your “Movie”. A Coach helps you to be the “Best Version” of yourself. Given this background the following three things is what you cannot expect from the Coach…… […]

3 ways to make ‘Coaching’​ work for you!

A concern has been raised that sometimes, coaching fails to produce the required results for a few people. When you are exploring coaching and want to make sure that coaching can work better for you, please consider these three “Golden Rules” and I can guarantee that your experience of Coaching can be fantastic……. Want to […]

Are you Listening?

Many of the technology leaders I work with tell me that they often feel like interrupting the conversations. At the same time, many of them say that they don’t feel listened to by their own leaders. Do you see the contradiction here? My book, “Are You The Leader You Want To Be?”, has a lot […]

The Secret Recipe For Success – ‘Self-Awareness’

“Many people may consider that self-awareness is not always practical or easy. Like Success, Self-Awareness does not come in a day. Success starts from moving that needle a little bit each day and so is self-awareness…” Read the full article here.

5 Behaviors You should avoid to be an Effective Leader

“Leadership consists not in degrees of technique but in traits of character” ~ Lewis H. Lapham What differentiates a leader from the crowd is her behavior, her remarkable traits that speaks loud enough for her. It is very much necessary to exhibit admirable traits to be the leader you want yourself to be and make […]

5 Ways To Deal With A Bad Boss

“There could be a bunch of reasons that may make you feel that you work for a bad boss- it may be incompetence, anger issues, micromanagement and many more…..” Click here to read the full article.

Do women experience “The Confidence Gap”​ more often?

Over past years I have had multiple discussions with executives for trying to figure out how women can become aware that they are suffering from lower self-confidence. A few of the following points have come up multiple times in these discussions. Please do have a look and see if you have experienced any of the […]

Stressed At Work?

” In today’s fast paced environment, all of us end up facing multiple challenging situations and end up experiencing stress in one form or the other. It is quite often that my clients share with me that they feel stress at work. There are quite a few shocking statistics available that highlight the rising instances […]

Leadership development, if done right, impacts your bottom line!

Vinay, a CEO for a technology organization, initiated a leadership development program and asked the HR head, Namit, to carefully plan the program and subsequently share the effectiveness of the same. Based on the various considerations, Namit implemented a long-term intervention. He believed that the senior leadership team, would not really benefit from a single […]